The Marwari horse stands between 14 and 17 hands depending on it's topographical origin. We have noticed that our foals and fillies are reaching higher and broader proportions by virtue of sustained and complete nutrition. But the average is probably 15 to 16 hands.

The Marwari comes in all colours including the boldly coloured ABLAKS - (Piebalds, red & white or Skewbalds, black & white) particularly favoured in India. The body is powerfully proportioned, compact and elegant with round rumps and muscular thighs and shoulders, making a good all round pleasure horse.

His natural tendency to perform would make him particularly suitable for dressage. He is a tough, brave and undeniably beautiful horse who has proven his ability to adapt and thrive in most environmental conditions.

His royal history and scarcity should guarantee him a deserved status in the international equestrian arena.

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