The call thunders down the ages through the sands of time and fades into the desert air, a haunting remembrance to an era of chivalry and valour forever lost yet indelibly stamped into the spirit of Rajasthan. To know and love the Marwari is to re-enter the magical realm of our childhood, a world of castles and heroes, intrigues and passion, dark deeds and mythical horses.

A time when women dressed as queens and queens rode like warriors, a time when men fought to live and lived to fight on the battlefields and never went gently into that good night.

It is a golden opportunity to embrace the twilight world of the desert, the creative frenzy of a thousand and one festivals, and to partake in the daily rituals that help reawaken our perceptual innocence and calm our unruly souls.

To know and love the Marwari is to know and love the Rajputs, for their destinies are inextricably bound.

To ride a Marwari is to realise new levels of joy that demand in turn, a receptive stillness for its appreciation. It is to view the way ahead through a pair of perfectly curved ears, gateway to the heart of India’s spiritual and ceremonial heritage.